Each day, Mainland Poke selects the freshest, sustainable, sushi grade fish, always bringing them in whole and unadulterated. A modern and unique twist on poke, they intentionally do not pre-marinate the fish to maintain the integrity of prime cuts. The possibilities are endless, with a variety of bases, sauces and toppings for you to customize and enjoy, as well as a menu of tried and true combinations.

Poke, which originated in Hawaii in the 1970s, historically consists of “off-cuts” of fish simply seasoned with soy sauce or similar sauces and other Asian ingredients as a snack for fishermen. Found in deli cases at every fishmonger and market in Hawaii, it soon became a ubiquitous local dish.

Los Angeles is considered the sushi capitol of the United States, so poke’s migration to the mainland was destined and its boom in popularity inevitable. Mainland Poke’s primary distinction in the burgeoning market is their insistence on freshness and quality. Hand selecting and breaking down the fish in-house is a point of pride, as is working directly with fishermen. Notably, Mainland Poke sources fish from the same fishermen and purveyors as some of the best sushi restaurants in LA.

Mainland Poke was at the forefront of the recent poke boom in Los Angeles, and maintains a very robust business at its original Beverly Grove unit. Mainland opened its second location in Glendale across from the Americana Brand shopping center and third location at Marina del Rey’s Waterside development.

Now, Mainland Poke is looking to open their fourth location in Santa Monica this week with more locations to follow. The new locations have integrated a window into the walk-in, kind of a next level open kitchen concept to showcase that they are breaking down fish, fresh. This is a huge differentiator from almost all of their competitors who source product differently.